A virtually unbreakable NMR tube Cleaner *
Over the years we received in our glass-blowing shop countless NMR tube cleaners for repair from  laboratories or research centers,  in most cases the very small inner glass tube had been sheared off the wall. The students or lab technician break them so often probably due to the design of these conventional NMR tube cleaners. Quite often these NMR tube cleaners are not even repairable or it would  be too expansive to do so. Eventually we began to experiment with new models to see how it would be possible to make them less breakable. After many experiments, and many different designs we came up with a new model almost entirely constructed of Teflon® and stainless steel tubing, the only part made of glass is a standard   ground joint 14/20 outer member that can be easily replaced . The final design operates in a radically different way from the conventional one. (First demonstrated during American Scientific Glassblower Society annual symposium in Pointe Clear, Alabama, USA. Winner of the: Andrews Glass Company Award for best technical presentation, 2002) Instead of forcing  the solvent up into an NMR tube to dislodge the waste chemicals  our design first sucks up the waste chemicals with vacuum then brings up clean solvent into the NMR  tube to rince it. From the many research laboratories who have purchased and used our NMR tube cleaner it looks like our design is much more efficient and it requires even less solvents to clean up the tubes.
* When used as intended
Vacuum technology for the laboratory
Rotavap traps Available in 3 standard sizes, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml Bottom inner member joint choice: 14/20, 19/26, 24/40 (Blown on the lathe using stainless steel and ceramic jigs, they run very true)
Evaporator bum trap.
Special Rotavap trap This modified Rotavap trap, has been fitted with a glass fritted disk, it will minimize “bumping” when evacuating difficult samples. Powder would stay on disk for simpler picking-up or cleaning-up.
Bump trap fitted with fritted disk to minimize bumping.
Vial adaptor Evaporate directly from a vial, will save time and material. Available for Vials: 4 ml to 40 ml.  Vial fits directly inside glass joint, no O-Ring or polymer materials needed.
Vial holder for bump trap.
NMR tube with screw cap This NMR tube is fitted with a Teflon lined screw cap.
NEW NEW Special NMR fitted with a screw cap. NEW
Special glassware for Rotary evaporators and NMR tubes
Unbreakable NMR tube cleaner
Unbreakable NMR tube cleaner
Unbreakable NMR tube cleaner
Unbreakable NMR tube cleaner
Rotavap Vial adapter: 01350-24-4 01350-29-8 01350-29-16 01350-29-40
Rotavap trap with filter: 01340-100-24 01340-250-24 01340-500-24
NMR tube with Cap: 01800-01
Vacuum tech
NMR Tube cleaner
Rotavap trap: 01320-100-14 01320-100-24 01320-250-14 01320-250-24 01320-250-29
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