01235 - Distilling Head, Solvent  A very simple and safe way to purify or keep your solvents dry. This distilling head can be left unattended safely, it will not overflow due to two large openings on the top of the centre tube. Vapours will travel inside the central duct up to a condenser and return to the boiling flask for refluxing or to accumulate in the flask up to the level of the draining hole. A 3 way Teflon stopcock will enable refluxing, storing or draining the accumulated solvent to an external flask, the operation can  be done while being kept under inert gas via the side port on the take out joint. The upper part of the flask is fitted with a 4mm Teflon stopcock terminated by a 14/20 outer member standard taper joint. Small quantities of solvent can be removed with a hypodermic needle thru a septum attached to the 14/20. joint. A glass rod links the body to the take out side joint to increase the  strength. Flask will store about 2/3 of the rated volume. Available in 500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3000ml and 5000ml. Designed by Mr. Kopp, Glass-blower at McGill University, used extensively in many research labs.
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